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Hi everyone My names Steve, I've been in Carmel for a few years now and am itching to fly! Are you guys active? Let's make 2017 the year of soaring!
Yes, the guys (all 3 of them) are active, but communicate mostly via cellphones. We used to communicate through here when we had a few more people.
Hi Steve,
What is your experience level as a flyer? Hang glider, or Para? Ever done any towing of any kind? With this crazy weather we've been having, we actually got out 2 weekends ago. If you're on Facebook feel free to friend me on there and I can keep you in touch. Look forward to meeting you! Kim Banker
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for reaching out to me, I've been trying to get into the flying community here in Indy, you guys are hard to find.
I've done tons of aero towing, a little scooter towing, but no truck towing or boat towing. I haven't flown in a few years but still am current with my USHPA membership for H5 and P1. Before moving here I used to teach footlaunch in NH and aero towing in Florida. Unfortunatly, my old moldy lite speed is in Florida but I have a never been opened Arcus PG I would sell or trade for a glider. I am looking for a falcon 195 or Alpha.
All pilots can feel free to call or text me at (802)291-4832 or look me up on Facebook as Steve Prepost especially if your going flying, I can drive and have a roof rack!
I am looking forward to hearing from you all.
I got your friend request on Facebook and added you today. Our flying is footlaunch truck towing using a static tow rig on roads in the Tipton and Sheridan area. So closer to you than to me. During the spring and fall is when we do most of our towing because of crops in the fields. Of course if it is beans and not corn lining the fields we can tow pretty much all summer too, but have to do our best to land back on the road. I think you got here at a good time as most of the roads we use should have beans in the rotation this year. Static towing is very similar to scooter towing but quite a bit gentler, since we are towing with polypropylene which has more stretch than the spectra on a scooter tow. I think the transition should be pretty easy for you. All 3 of the regular pilots are flying Falcon 195's so you'll fit right in. A lot of times we make the fly/no fly call on kinda short notice which is sort of difficult for some, but it's the nature of the weather here, or anywhere when flying. Welcome! It will be good to have another more experienced pilot in the fold! I'll definitely give you a call the next time we go out so you can come out and check out our system and meet us and us you. Like I said before, looking forward to meeting you!