Full Version: Problems with staying logged on
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Seems like it is a common problem, here's a solution:

You can follow these directions or just look at the attached cookies.jpg:

1. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools - Internet Options (if you have a different version of IE than me it could be located elsewhere, but I'm sure you'll find it if you keep looking)

2. Click on "Privacy" Tab

3. Click on "Advanced"

4. Check "over-ride automatic cookie handling
Accept First party cookies
Block Third party cookies
Always allow session cookies

Hit Ok and Ok to save the settings, CLOSE internet explorer, open it again, go to, log in. If it still shows you not being logged in, click Forums. If you're all of a sudden shown as logged in, then log out and log in again. Make sure you checked "remember me". You should stay logged in now even if you close IE and come back, at least that worked for me.

However, it didn't work for 1 person out of 20 back when I first put up The following steps had to be done in addition to above before it started working:

Look at file.jpg to have a visual if you want to ...

1. Go to Tools - Internet Options again

2. Stay on the General tab and click on Delete in "browsing history"

4. You should get a few options of what kind of browsing history to delete. This window may look different depending on which version of IE you have.

I would delete one group at a time and try to log in / out after each attempt, closing IE before attempting it each time. Delete cookies first, close IE, try loggin in/out. Repeat these step, deleting Temporary Internet Files next, then History, Form data, passwords as last. But just deleting cookies did it for Dave. If you don't feel like messing with it and you don't mind losing your saved passwords and history (which sites you've visited in last few weeks) then just "Delete all" and get it over with, but you will lose your saved password, form data and browsing history!!!