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New Tow Road - Kim Banker - 06-20-2016

Ok, so I can't believe it has taken me so long to find this road, it is 3.1 miles from my house! North, South road, 1.2 miles long, blacktop, don't really know how busy it is since I just found it, but it might be worth checking out! Since James blew Patrick and I off today at the last minute, I figured I would waste a few more miles than the 80+ I already had wasted. Drove by and checked it out, maybe a couple of issues, but I think it is doable!

New Tow Road - Michal M. - 06-24-2016

Always good to have a back up road for Sheridan, maybe doable on the days when Sheridan isn't? (I don't remember now which is bad for Sheridan, West or East component to N-S wind?)

What's the exact location? I'd love to Google Earth it.

My only worry right now is, if it's black topped, it's probably busy.

Thanks for checking it out, Kim!

New Tow Road - pzirnhel - 06-26-2016

The sky looks awesome today and the wind is SW which could have been good for Sheridan except that it was supposed to storm.
Anyway, yesterday we went to 10001 N 600 W Boggstown IN. The wind was SE about 5 mph. The owner of the N end house, Ed, let us set up on his patch of grass. James and I had each one sled ride, but James also had a really nice flight, releasing at about 1000 and climbing up to 2500 above the silos. He could have gone cross country, but he wanted to let me go. I had a line break, and lost a batten tip. The field owner wanted to spray too, so we folded. There was a lot of traffic and lots of spectators, but it is 3 miles from Kim's house. A good site if the weather is real good. And the wind with an East component. I will fix the batten and replace the rope since Kim brought back 5000 feet of new polypropylene rope from Jeff Adur. I will not be available for two weeks. As always it was nice to get airborne.