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Real situation
10-05-2016, 03:42 PM,
Real situation
pzirnhel Wrote:I went to "check ou the real situation" today. Kim was supposed to show up at my door this morning like he always does and with James we were going to head to Sheridan for a day of flying. Big puffy clouds in between large streaks of blue were filling the sky. But at 9am, 10, 11, noon nobody shows up and the phone remains silent despite texts and calls sent. Is Kim dead? Or is his mother sick? Shelbyville being a bit far to check it out, I thought "time will tell" but the weather was too nice not to go to Sheridan. So I went: biked there. People say they are building the Monon Trail all the way to Sheridan. Let's check it out. Then Kim calls: he woke up with a migraine, could not keep anything down. Too bad he was not flying. He said: "check out the crop situation". So that's what I did.
Here it is: the Monon still stops in Westfield. On the South end of the tow road, across from the horse pen, there is soy. That makes it possible to take off with a NNW or NW wind. Going North, there are 2 fully grown corn fields for about 300 yards then soy on the East making it possible to take off and land, but with a shorter road. The pole is still attached to the street sign. The North end of the tow road is bordered by 2 fully grown still green corn fields: impossible to take off or land there with any wind with a South component. Bomber.

Then Kim calls: he woke up with a migraine, could not keep anything down. . .

So everything is kept up. Which is what we're all about! I'm free on Sunday 10/9..

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