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Madison Was On!
04-22-2012, 09:46 PM,
Madison Was On!
Didn't want to post below the Gang going down to OH since that didn't happen this weekend... but at least the winds did turn from the North for a change! Thanks to all who showed up - I think a good time was had by all seeing the site actually work! And as always, thank you Ms Smith for letting us use your backyard! For anyone that wasn't there, it looks like there may be an article run in the Madison (er, Nosidam) newspaper about the return of the hang gliders. Michal will follow with any updates on any online access to the article.

Only 3 gliders were set up all day. Michal took the cake with 3 flights, all top landings. I'll let him talk about them at his leisure. Tom set his up and watched a record number of cycles pass. And I caught a couple flights myself.

First flight was a nice shorty; a nose-high launch into an elevator thermal took me 250' above launch, just a bit over the tree tops. Feeling the bumps here and there, I turned downwind for one thermal and found myself too far over the back to stay up. In setting up approach, hit some massive sink, turned a 180 for final, and caught a decent landing just at the roadside across from Ms Smith's house. 5 minutes and change in the air. Nothing to crow about. The 100 ft over the ground and hit by 500 ft/min sink was enough "fun" for me, really.

Michal egged me on to fly a second time - since he had never flown WITH anybody over the Madison ridge before... and I must be easy to con into things like that. I let the adrenaline subside and shortly thereafter was in the air again. Where the ridge rolls down to the River east of launch (ie Dairy Queen) there appears to be a lovely wick for thermals. Caught a couple thermals up to 500'-800' over launch... until I decided to be adventurous and see how high one would take me (after seeing Michal take off behind the ridge). At 2000' over launch, I was pleased with myself. Don't think I had gained that much over launch before! And I was noticing it was getting a bit chilly. At 3000' over launch, I was beside myself. And was feeling a good bit colder. At 4000' over launch, I was marveling at the view, and wondering how long I could stay in that atmosphere! Not a shabby 500 ft/min elevator that one was! At 4280' over launch, I fell out of the thermal into some 500 ft/min sink... and never could find the thermal any more. Vario shows I was 3.5 miles from launch; the 4:1 glide was no problem. But sitting in 500 ft/min and 800 ft/min sink takes its toll quickly. Not to mention the lack of penetration into the winds aloft. Full VG and crawling, at 3000' feet I started looking at other landing options. At 1500' I picked my spot. I pulled off half an S for my approach, landing squarely in a field west of Milton (2 miles still from Launch). Beautiful landing (slightly early flare). And so the late H2 accidentally breaks into his first XC flight... if I had known, I would've just gone with the wind!

Again thanks for the ride out, the pictures, and the overall good time! It feels good to feel like an active club... and I look forward to flying with everybody again soon!
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04-22-2012, 11:12 PM,
Madison Was On!
Great day at Madison for sure. Can't believe what I did but these two pilots took advantage and sure schooled this old Ohioflyer. Well on your way to being Eagles. Now where did I put that pabulum.... primavera
04-23-2012, 01:08 AM,
Madison Was On!
I just want to preface Michal's future post with a few tiny observations. Anyone who has ever been around Michal any length of time has heard him say the following- "Today is going to be LEGEND... wait for it... DARY!" I just want to say that Sunday, the "WAIT FOR IT" was officially over!
Giant congratulations to both Michal and Keith for showing the rest of us what a great day at Madison really is. I know the early pilots knew full well what Madison was capable of, but it's been a while since a day like Sunday has happened there. Couldn't help but miss their(the early pilots) company this weekend.
Congrats also to Patrick Zirnheld for his first flight off of Madison on Saturday! It was finally a great weekend to be a member of Kentuckiana Soaring! Thanks to EVERYONE who came out. Kim
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. Antoine de St. Exupery
04-23-2012, 09:40 AM,
Madison Was On!
I can't add much to what has already been said. It was fun to be there even if you chose not to fly. I didn't bring my glider thinking that I would be towing at Wesmar Sunday on one of Johns Falcons. Michal and Kim offered there gliders to me but, I just didn't feel comfortable launching from here with someone else's equipment, although I have towed on both. I will have links to some of the launches later today. Happy that a few Kentucky and Ohio members were able to join us.

04-23-2012, 10:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-23-2012, 12:11 PM by Kent Kendall.)
Madison Was On!

Here are the youtube links showing a few launches and flights at Madison sat. and sunday 4-21 & 4-22-2012.
The first one is Patrick on saturday. Nice solid run and launch, had a little trouble stepping into cacoon and so made a late turn down the ridge. Good first flight at this site and had a good landing in a rather challenging LZ.
The next four short clips are of Michal launching and soaring the ridge. He had a third launch but my camera battery was to low to record. On his first flight he gave us a scare when he drifted way behind the ridge on a 360 and ended up top landing in the field behind launch. We could see when he went through the rotor but landed just fine. He will give details about his third flight with Keith.
The last clip is Keith. The camera delayed starting so I missed the running part of launch, but you can see the nose high liftoff. He pulled in and everything was good to go. Second launch was perfect looking, but I didn't catch it on video. He had a great long and high flight with Michal to cloud base and both land a few miles away. Sorry Keith, I forgot to get a photo of you at your landing location.

It was good to see Tom and Matt from Ohio and Keith, Greg and Sarah from Louisville. Nice to finally meet Patrick from Indianapolis. Had a great weekend "camping" and travelling with Kim and Michal.

04-23-2012, 12:55 PM,
Madison Was On!
Way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-23-2012, 02:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-23-2012, 09:54 PM by Michal M..)
Madison Was On!
Thanks for that awesome write-up, Keith. Here's my take on this EPIC weekend ...

Just like Keith's first flight (which chronologically speaking happened after my second flight), my first flight took me about 200' over launch and then on my first attempt at a 360 in a sure thermal I got blown back and out of fear to be cutting close above the roof or trees to get in front I opted to land and re-launch. It was turbulent! Down to 10 - 15'!!

I borrowed gloves from Matt D (Thank you, there are awesome, I'm definitelly getting me a pair!!) and re-launched. I thought I was going to get flushed down to the LZ, but managed to scratch for a few passes, maintaining 50' or so below the launch. Then a nice thermal came and in couple of passes I was 300' above launch and started circling. Took Tom's advice to heart and made sure my downwind turns were sharp and swift, thus not drifting too much and not getting blown back again. I kept either flying in and out of that thermal or just hopping from one to another, in the end made it to 2200' above launch and decided to head back in front of the ridge. I noticed Tom was still parked in a wind shadow and Keith was setting up. I got above the river at about 600' over, didn't find anything, was rather cold so I zoomed back to the fire station and made a nice long straight approach towards the launch, landing just 50' short of the grass by the road. This time pulled 1/3 VG to fly faster through the rough stuff, made it much easier and less eventful to land. No easy landing by any means ...

Then Keith took his first flight and top landed shortly after launch. We took a breather, socialized with the warm crowd, and gave it another go. One correction here: I didn't egg Keith on to fly with me because I've never flown with anyone at Madison. Kent already popped that cherry last year . It's fun to get high, but it's LEGENDARY when you get high with someone else :o. Anyways, Keith must have launched just seconds after me, I made one or two passes which took me 200' above and noticed Keith was already at the East edge of the ridge well above me, sniffing the DQ burgers and running in circles overcome with joy. I joined him in what must have been the biggest thermal I've ever been in. I bet this sucker was as big as a football field. Keith and I were flying around each other climbing together. I think it was somewhere between 2k - 3k I made the decision of not worrying about getting back to launch, rather seeing where this can take me and trully enjoying the company of another glider soaring the same skies at the same time. My average climb to this point (estimated, I don't know how to get it out of my vario) I think was between 300 - 600 fpm. Then at 4400' it really turned on. The vario is screaming one solid hight pitch note, I glance at it, the bar that shows climb rate is maxed out, and - here comes something totally new to me - the sound of flight gets really loud. As if I were on tow. RUMBBBLLEEEE!!!! Air's getting hazy around me and everything is getting dark. Recalling Mike Barber's seminar at Team Challenge '09 about cloud suck I stop circling and shoot in a straight line for the nearest spec of blue. I pull in full speed, things get even louder and I've never been so glad to be sinking!! Talking about scary. When I let out back to trim, I'm climbing again. Not a cloud suck anymore, but climbing. Rattled and shaken up I didn't take the time to look back at that cloud like for future reference, I just headed back towards Milton (launch), finding lift most of the way. It took a real effort to get down. I must have spend 10 minutes between 800' - 1000' trying to find sink holes amongst the over-abundant lift in my area. I picked a big brown field that was long into the wind and had a road nearby. I noticed two green patches in the middle if it and, again thanks to another seminar at Team Challange about picking your LZ when going XC I made sure I stayed away from those. They turned out to be metal rods about 4 feet tall, marking Lord knows what in that field. I spent another 10 minutes maintaing at 400' above that field before I found a hole and got down. Again, turbulance all the way down to 10'. Pulled it off and landed safely, and couldn't wait to call everyone and anyone and tell them all about it!!

What has two tumbs and will be grinning for days and weeks to come?? THIS GUY!!!!! :yipi:
"I saw on this nature show how male elk douses himself with urine to smell sweeter to the opposite sex. What a coincidence!!" ~Deep thought by Jack Handey
04-23-2012, 04:55 PM,
Madison Was On!
Check out Michal's picture on the Milton-Madison bridge project facebook page!
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. Antoine de St. Exupery
04-23-2012, 10:00 PM,
Madison Was On!
I found the log in my vario and got the following stats:

Total alt gain: 14740 ft
Max alt: 4983 ft
Max climb rate: 12600 fpm

If I recall it corectly, I made 1 full turn after I looked at the vario at 4400' and it started screaming. So that one turn got me up 583'. No wonder it sounded like I was on tow!
"I saw on this nature show how male elk douses himself with urine to smell sweeter to the opposite sex. What a coincidence!!" ~Deep thought by Jack Handey
04-24-2012, 02:43 AM,
Madison Was On!
I can't seem to fall asleep tonight, so I uploaded all the pictures from Sunday. Check out my album Madison 4/22/2012. Enjoy!
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. Antoine de St. Exupery

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