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Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
05-16-2014, 07:51 PM,
Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
After gathering the inputs of every one involved, and looking at the weather conditions, we are four pilots going to the Tipton EW road tomorrow and Michal will bring his car with a hitch to tow Kent's scooter to summerize it (read: opposite of winterize).
05-18-2014, 12:19 AM,
Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
All I can say is... WHAT A DAY! Not exactly in the best possible way, but not in the worst either. The flying wasn't too bad, would have possibly been epic about an hour or two earlier. The upside is, we got the scooter loaded without too much of a problem, I got my first high flight of the year and even got to soar a bit, and most of my truck is still visible and above water level. I will definitely have to give it a good bath tomorrow. The downside is, we still don't have enough tension on the rewind belt on Patrick's winch. I think I have the guys convinced to replace the belt with one that has a tighter fit, and see if that alleviates the constant slipping. Sure miss Bill Bryden's knowledge when it comes to things like this, as well as just his presence. What we've struggled with for a year, he would have had a solution for the first time it happened. I guess the best we can say is we are persistent, and sooner or later that will pay off. We'll get it figured out guys!
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. Antoine de St. Exupery
05-18-2014, 09:54 AM,
Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
Kim, did anyone else get to fly? How high did you get and how long did your flight last? Must have been a lot of standing water.
05-18-2014, 06:45 PM,
Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
Yes, Patrick and James both flew. We each had just one flight apiece. I was a little greedy since conditions were looking so good and my only flight this year was a run off of a training hill in Zionsville, so I went first. It wasn't as amazing as it maybe sounded in the other post! I pinned off at 1039 ft., my vario says I was up for 26 minutes, but I don't think it was actually that long as much as I wish I could claim it. If I had turned on the video camera that was already mounted on my wing I could check that, but I forgot to turn it on! Then we spent an hour trying to get my truck out of a field that it should never have been in! By then conditions were starting to over-develop. Patrick took the next tow to 1009 ft., and according to my vario, got 14 minutes. James took the last tow of the day in what he said were the smoothest conditions he's towed in for a while. Michal didn't bring his wing, and even though he was offered a wing, chose not to fly. Maybe he was paying attention and could give a better guess to how long I was actually in the air? Aside from the mud bog trials, a good time was had by everyone!
I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. Antoine de St. Exupery
05-23-2014, 05:19 PM,
Tomorrow 5-17-14's menu
The solution was in my back pack. The tools to fix the rig were there. The electric motor has two screws to attach it to the frame and one of the two was loose. The consequence is that the belt could not be tensioned enough as it would pull the motor towards the spool. I did not replace the belt which would involve disassembling the entire spool. It may not even be possible without replacing the pieces that attach the spool axle to the frame. But the belt is taut now.

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